who are you?

rain of long time is a small, independent press started by me (ageha) with the goal of publishing my own books alongside certain things from the public domain which ought not to be forgotten.

its focus is on prose works that incorporate aspects of poetry or themes of outsidership, the fantastic, or multiculturalism.

another side-goal of this project is to delegitimise the idea of intellectual property, and so accordingly all books are shared under some combination of creative commons licensing and public domain availability, with digital copies in pdf format also freely available for download.

where to buy

distribution is through ingram, so book hard copies can be found in many stores and i don’t know all. a few common places will be listed, but try searching around your favourite site if you’d rather buy there.

epub aren’t available for now (sorry about that), but if later added they will be free download as well.


if there’s anything at all you’d like to say or ask, please email me via the user “ageha” at the domain “airen-no-jikken.icu”. really, i’d love to hear it!